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Online Banking/Bill Pay

Online Banking

For better protection and security, our online banking login screen uses a security program called “Multi-Factor” Authentication (MFA). MFA security is designed to protect online banking members from the growing number of internet security threats.

Here’s a step-by-step process for the initial login to the MFA security system:

  1. For first time users, please call the credit union to set up your account. This is to ensure security and privacy for your account information.
  2. Once you see Home Banking Login on the left side of the GCU homepage, select First Time User Click Here below the sign on tab.
  3. Enter your Member Number and your temporary password: “Gulf” followed by the last four (4) digits of the primary member’s Social Security Number.
  4. Type the random security code exactly as it appears in the box. Click Next.
  5. On the Security update page, read the disclosure and mark the circle I ACCEPT. Then choose or create your three (3) security questions. All answers are case sensitive (if you type in all lowercase text the first time, they will always need to be answered in lowercase text). Click Next.
    • You will be prompted to answer one of your three (3) questions for all future logins. It is recommended you print the screen of all your questions and store them in a safe place so they are accessible for future use.
  6. Set-up your security key or phrase in the box (this image will be unique to your account and will display on your screen each time you log in to your account). Do not use your password for this. Next, set-up your email and click Finish.
  7. When prompted, enter a new password. This password will be used for future log ins.
  8. You are now enrolled in Online Banking.

This system was created to help keep computer hackers and dishonest users from accessing your accounts. We realize this process may seem difficult at first, but we are here to help you if you have any questions or concerns about using this program. The extra measures of security are taken to help secure our members who use Gulf Credit Union’s online services.

Online Bill Pay

Start saving time and money today with our Online Bill Pay.

It is quite simple. You can pay anyone at any time – day or night – from any computer. Online bill payment is not limited to paying companies and institutions. You can even pay individuals (i.e. the lawn guy, the babysitter, etc.) with online bill payment. With the click of a button, those funds can be deposited directly into their accounts too.

Log in to Online Banking, click on Pay Bills and follow the directions.

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