Savings accounts are one of the smartest ways for you to plan for the future while also creating financial security and stability for you and your family. Gulf Credit Union offers you a variety of options for saving.


Regular Savings

Your basic membership account that requires only a $5 minimum to open and makes you eligible to enjoy all Gulf Credit Union products, services, and benefits. You must maintain a minimum $5 balance to remain a member in good standing. Dividends on this account are compounded and paid on a quarterly basis.

Cash Management Account

This account provides you with more flexibility than other investments and helps you manage your money more efficiently. It offers a higher yield than other accounts and also provides you with quick access to your funds. Minimum balance is $2,000. Dividends are compounded and paid on a monthly basis.

Christmas Club Account

A Christmas Club Account is the perfect way to be prepared for the holiday season. This account is very flexible in three ways. First, you may open your Christmas Club at any time during the year. Second, you can contribute by having funds deducted from your payroll check. Lastly, there is no minimum amount to open the account. Interest is paid quarterly, and your check is deposited in November. If any withdrawal is made before the end of the term, the account is closed.

Children’s Savings Club

It’s never too early to teach your children the importance of saving money. Our Children’s Savings Club is for kids 12 years of age or younger and is a fun and practical way for your little ones to learn the value of good financial practices.


For security purposes, we do not open accounts through an online application. To open an account, please visit the Gulf Credit Union location nearest you. Bring two forms of government-issued identification and at least the minimum amount of funds for the account(s) you wish to open.

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